Consumer's Choice Award - Cincinnati & Columbus

For more than 25 years the Consumers’ Choice Award has been considered a business seal of excellence. Since 2017, Logan Services was awarded this prestigious seal of approval in both Columbus and Cincinnati. The award recognizes both the effort and knowledge our team put into each opportunity to assist our customers.

What is the Consumer's Choice Award?

The Consumer's Choice Award, CCA, is an award that finds and publicizes businesses that demonstrate extraordinary “customer service reviews, integrity, and professionalism,” according to their mission statement. Each year, potential business winners are selected from the categories of restaurant, automotive, retail, home improvement, Health Professionals, and home services. Winners chosen for this award go through an extensive selection process.

Consumer's Choice Award Selection Process

The Consumer’s Choice Award winners are chosen by local consumers, rather than a host of judges. The CCA selection process undergoes four different stages. Stage one is the nomination process. Anyone is able to nominate a local company for the Consumer’s Choice Award by filling out a brief form on the CCA website. The next stage is campaigning. Nominated businesses are encouraged to campaign to spread awareness about voting. The third stage is voting. Local residents are able to vote up to 15 times, and have an eight month period to get their votes in. The final stage of this process is the ethics review where the votes are counted and the winners are announced!

What does this award mean to Logan Services?

Logan Services is honored to have been voted the Consumer’s Choice Award in both Columbus and Cincinnati. We strive to perform fast and friendly service for all of our customers, so we take great pride that our efforts in the heating and cooling industry have not gone unnoticed in the Columbus and Cincinnati regions.