Heat Pump Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Have you experienced issues with your heat pump this season? Count on the fast, friendly team at Logan Services in Columbus for all your heat pump needs.

Protect Your Heating & Cooling Unit With Expert Heat Pump Repair

Take control of your home comfort and partner with the best HVAC company in Columbus for your heat pump services. Logan Services is proud to offer expert heat pump repairs to help get your heating and cooling equipment back to peak performance.

When it comes to servicing your system, you’ll want to choose a company with a great reputation, known for their experience, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Our team has been voted Best Heating & Cooling Company in the CBUS Top Picks contest every year since 2016, and we’re proud to be Columbus’ go-to heat pump service provider.

The Logan A/C & Heat Services ProcessHVAC appointment schedule

It’s time to make the call for a heat pump repair. When you schedule service with Logan Services, here is what you can expect:

  • Schedule an Appointment

    : We’re available 24/7. Call our team at any time to schedule your heat pump service visit. You can schedule online or call our office to set up an appointment.

  • Meet With Our Technician

    : Upon scheduling your service appointment, we will provide a time window for our technician to arrive. You’ll receive a phone call when we are on our way so you can be prepared!

  • Discuss Repairs, Free Estimate, & Plan

    : Our service call includes a diagnostic fee. When our technician has properly assessed your system, we will provide you with repair options and a quote to perform those tasks. In addition to repairs, our service technicians can provide you with a free quote you for system replacement if the heat pump is beyond fixing. Our team will explain all your options to help you make the best choice for your home and budget.

  • Relax Comfortably

    : Whether you’ve chosen repair or replacement, trust that the experts at Logan Services will have you enjoying total home comfort in no time. Repairs can often be performed on the same day. If you opt for a new system installation, we may be able to install your new heating and cooling system the very next day.

What Are Signs That Your Heat Pump Unit Needs Repairs?

How will you know when your heat pump requires a repair? Read on to learn some common signs that your outdoor unit needs professional attention.

Is Your Heat Pump Refrigerant Line Leaking?Refrigerant line

A common heat pump issue that requires repair is a leak in the refrigerant line or connection points. You might not see the leak, but you may hear hissing or bubbling sounds and notice poor cooling system output. Another problem is low refrigerant, which can be solved by adding more.

Is Your Heat Pump Turning On & Off Constantly?

When your heat pump cycles on and off frequently, it could be a sign of a bigger issue. Something as simple as a dirty furnace filter can restrict airflow, causing your HVAC to short cycle. This strain could even result in an iced-up evaporator coil, which can cause high utility bills or a system breakdown.

Is Your Heat Pump Stuck in Cooling Mode?

Your heat pump cools and heats your home. If your system fails to transition into heating mode, you may have a stuck reversing valve caused by an equipment malfunction. This will require a professional to resolve.

Odd Noises Coming from Your Heat Pump?

If you hear strange noises from your heat pump, that’s usually a signal that something is amiss. Whether you hear grinding, buzzing, or whistling sounds, it’s always best to consult an expert to ensure a breakdown isn’t in the near future.

Don’t sacrifice your home comfort. Make the call to Logan Services today for our fast, friendly service!

What Does Heat Pump Repair Cost?Trane Heat Pump

The cost of fixing your heat pump system depends entirely on what is malfunctioning. If no replacement parts are needed, your system repair could simply be the cost of a service call. When a part fails or the repair needed is time and labor-intensive, repair costs can amount to hundreds of dollars. Cost of repair can also be impacted by whether or not a part needed is covered under an active warranty.

Before repairing your HVAC system, you should always create a threshold of expenses. At some point, heat pump replacement will be more cost-effective than repair.

Why Choose Us For Heat Pump Repair In Columbus?

Trust the team at Logan Services for your HVAC services this season.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    : Our friendly customer service team will help you select an appointment time that best fits your schedule.

  • Available For Emergency Services

    : We are proud to offer extended hours when you need emergency heat pump repair in Columbus.

  • Upfront Pricing

    : When we provide a quote for a repair, you can trust that there will be no surprise add-ons or additional unknown fees.

  • Customer Respect

    : At Logan Services, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and care we provide our customers. You’ll be treated like family.HVAC Training

  • Presentable Service Technicians

    : You can expect our HVAC technicians to arrive in a company vehicle and uniform. All our employees are background-checked and vetted to ensure that you are inviting a trustworthy person into your home.

  • Security & Safety

    : Our reputation as the ‘Best HVAC company’ in Columbus since 2016 is something we take very seriously. When you choose Logan Services, you can feel peace of mind that you are trusting your home heating and cooling needs to a reliable team that Columbus homeowners proudly recommend.

  • Intensive Training

    : Logan Services puts continuous training and education at the forefront. As industry leaders, we are passionate about growing the skilled trades by offering training opportunities to those new and experienced in the air conditioning and heating field.

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

    : Our team is confident that we will provide excellent service for your system repair. Rest assured, if you have any concerns about our team’s work, we welcome all feedback and will work to meet and exceed your expectations!

Take charge of your home heating and cooling comfort and explore energy efficiency options for HVAC replacement with Logan Services.


Is heat pump maintenance necessary?

We highly recommend regular maintenance for both your heating and cooling systems. When you operate a heat pump in Ohio, your system is likely working at least 3 out of 4 seasons. Unlike an air conditioner, homeowners can rely on a heat pump all year round. That means it has additional wear and tear that routine maintenance could help alleviate. 

Scheduling seasonal tune-ups is the best way to ensure peak efficiency, extend the system’s lifespan, and avoid an untimely breakdown.

What should I do if my heat pump breaks?

If you experience an HVAC breakdown in Columbus, give Logan Services a call! We’re proud to offer fast, friendly service and timely solutions for your repair needs. We have a fully stocked warehouse, so we are well-equipped to replace broken parts and fix your system in no time. You can call our service team at 614-224-3200 (option 2) or book online with our appointment scheduler.

What is a typical lifespan of a heat pump?

When it comes to your heat pump’s lifespan, one of the most influential factors is the level of care and maintenance put in from the day of the installation. If your equipment was installed correctly and you scheduled regular tune-ups, you can expect it to run efficiently for 12-15+ years. If a system was installed poorly and maintenance was neglected, the parts are more likely to fail and strain the system. This could result in the early retirement of your equipment.