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UV Light Purifiers

uv light hvacUV lights have been proven to be effective at helping to clean air ducts.  The UV-C energy produced by the bulbs can destroy even the smallest particle of dust or microbial. 

In fact, research indicates that 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within the air ducts of your home can be destroyed with effective UV lighting.  By destroying the DNA of these bacteria, UV lights can help to reduce bad smells and greatly improve the quality of the air that you breathe within your home.  This, in turn, can improve allergies, decrease illness, and provide relief to asthma sufferers.

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Benefits of Whole-Home UV Light Purifiers:

  • Treat the air throughout your entire home, not just one room.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Reliable, low-maintenance, compact design.
  • Safe, efficient operation – uses less power than a 20-watt light bulb; operating on a single outlet.
  • Freshens recirculated air during winter and summer months when homes are closed to outdoor air.
  • A great addition to any home with air filters and humidifiers.

UV-C is a natural component of sunlight and is the reason that many harmful microbes die in natural outdoor light.  However, within air ducts, they are left to breed and grow almost at will. 

Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will certainly assist in the problem but having UV-C lights fitted offers a more thorough, long-term, and preventative solution.  The UV-C rays break down the outer membrane of the microbe and pierce its DNA.  This alters the DNA of the microbe so that it is unable to reproduce.