Why Variable Speed AC Is Beneficial In The Ohio Region

Why Variable Speed AC Is Beneficial In The Ohio Region

When the temperatures begin to peak for the season in the Ohio area, you can expect your air conditioner to be working full-time to cool down your house.

How does your AC system usage compare operating on a mild summer day to an extreme 90+ degree day?

Regardless of the severity of temperatures, the cooling element in your system works hard during an Ohio summer. Read on to learn whether or not your air conditioner works harder in hotter temperatures and the difference between staged and single-stage equipment.


FACT: It is true that your HVAC equipment runs harder on the hotter days; however, the type of system you have will determine just 'how hard' that equipment being worked.

So what are the different types of systems?

Did you know that there are different types of air conditioning systems that allow for different stages/speeds of operation? These include both Single-Stage and Staged air conditioning system. Learn more about them below...

Single Stage Air Conditioner Equipment

Single-stage cooling equipment is very simple: the air conditioner kicks on when the thermostat detects a need to cool the air. A single-stage ac, which operates at one ac speed, will run until the thermostat is satisfied, and then it will shut off. These single-stage air conditioner units are designed and built to run at max capacity, as if they had to operate in extreme heat conditions, running consistently at one, constant ac speed. 

So what does this mean for you if you have a single-stage ac system in your Ohio home?

Basically, a single-stage ac unit in Ohio is essentially 'oversized' for up to 95% of the cooling season, because the majority of those days are in the milder 70 - 80 degree temperatures, where running at full capacity is not necessary. Because this type of system only runs at one ac speed, the equipment will start and stop frequently. These frequent bursts in usage cause wear and tear, higher utility bills, and mediocre dehumidification, along with early breakdowns and shorter system life spans.

While a single-stage ac system can do its part to protect your home and your family from the summer heat, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to home comfort for homeowners here in Ohio.

Variable Speed AC Equipment (Staged HVAC)

Unlike single-speed cooling, variable speed air conditioning offers more balanced temperatures throughout the home. These balanced temperatures are accomplished as the staged HVAC systems are designed to run for longer intervals. This multi-stage operation not only makes your home feel more comfortable, but it also cuts down on unnecessary utility usage.

Who benefits most from a variable speed ac?

Logan Services recommends staged equipment in our Midwest region; this is because temperatures vary during the summer months. In Ohio, we size our AC units to be able to cool effectively based on a 90-degree day, even though we don't reach those temperatures very often. A variable speed ac will allow your home to cool operating at different stages depending on the amount of conditioned air you need to combat the temperature outside. The ability to operate with this speed variability allows you to have a properly sized system all season long.

In a nutshell, staged equipment it is a much better fit for our climate. The oversizing of the heating and cooling equipment will be eliminated because every time it comes on it runs at a lower capacity, and only when needed does it jump up to full capacity. When running in the lower capacity it allows a longer run time on the unit. In return, you get a longer-lasting unit, 4x better dehumidification, lower utility bills, and a more consistent temperature throughout the entire home.

When paired with the appropriate heating system, variable speed HVAC is a great comfort solution for home comfort all year long.

To see what a variable speed ac system can do for your home, schedule one of our Comfort Consultants to come out and give you an estimate in Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus.


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