What Not To Do When Summer Heats Up

hot summer sky

As we wrap up the month of June, the heat of summer is finally making its way across Ohio. While you make the most of the warm weather, here are some tips of what not to do in order to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.


Don’t Leave Blinds and Windows Open

While you might want to let in the sun and fresh air when it warms up outside, remember that the sun also brings heat. You will lose cool air supplied from your air conditioner if you leave the windows open, and it will also cause your system to work harder to combat the warm air coming in from outside.

Don’t Use Your Oven

Although it may be tempting to use your oven for family meals, finding an alternative will help to keep extra hot air out of your home. If the weather permits, take the chance to grill outside, or prepare meals such as salads.

Don’t Raise And Lower The Temperature On Your Thermostat

If you change the temperature on your thermostat too often, your air conditioner will have to work harder to try to meet your needs. This will cut down on efficiency and how well it will cool your home. The best option is to set your thermostat once, or only change it within two or three degrees, and forget it.

Don’t Forget To Change Your Furnace Filter

Even though your furnace isn’t running during the summer, air will still circulate through your filter all year long. Be sure to change it often to keep your heating and cooling system running at its best and keep the air in your home cleaner.

Don’t Expect Your A/C To Keep Up In Extreme Temperatures

Keep in mind, if there is more than a 20 degree difference between the temperature outside and the temperature you have set on your thermostat, even the most powerful air conditioner will have trouble keeping up.


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