Stucco Work To Lead Installer

Stucco Work To Lead Installer

When you are changing career paths, you want to make sure it is not only the right decision for you but also for your family. Logan Services is a family-owned and operated company so we make sure all employees are treated like family and that work-life balance is a priority.

Our Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati HVAC company offers multiple, rewarding career options in the high-in-demand home heating and cooling industry.

Michael K., an HVAC Lead Installer with Logan Services knew that making a career change was the right decision for him and his family to have a better quality of life. We took a deep dive with Michael and asked him questions about his career change and why he chose Logan Services. Read Michael's story below.

Q: What were you doing before making a career change?

A: Before I started in HVAC, I did stucco work. 

Q: What were your top fears of making a career change?

A: The fears I had coming into this career were am I going to be able to learn this and was I going to be able to provide for my family financially. 

Q: What steps did you take to overcome that fear?

A: I got over those fears by just going with my gut and making the change.

Q: How has the decision to start a career in HVAC impacted your life?

A: The decision to start doing this has impacted my life by giving me a stable career, be able to spend time with my son and also being financially stable for him as well. 

Q: What do you love most about your HVAC career?

A: The thing I love most is seeing the finished product once the install is done. After that long day of work seeing the new unit all finished up is a great feeling. 

Q: What do you love most about Logan Services?

A: The thing I love most about Logan Services is the family feeling you get working here. 

Q: What words of advice can you give someone considering a career change?

A: My advice for someone is work hard, learn, and try to be the best you can be. 

Our team is hiring! Logan Services is looking for talented and determined people committed to a rewarding career providing heating and cooling services to customers. We are offering positions in-office and out in the field in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

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