Should Your A/C Fan Be Set To 'on' Or 'auto'?

Should Your A/C Fan Be Set To 'on' Or 'auto'?

A frequent question our experts get at Logan Services is if the customer should leave the fan on their air conditioner on the 'on' or 'auto' setting. While we tell customers is is mostly a personal preference there are some things to look for when setting your AC fan.

The 'on' setting for your AC fan means that your system will run continuously while blowing or circulating air throughout the home and not necessarily cooling that air. When you set the AC fan on 'auto' the system will only run when cooling comes on and runs to meet the temperature you want to turn your air conditioner to. Watch Bill W., our Field Service Supervisor talk about the fan settings and how they can make a difference in your home.

Room Temperature Inconsistences

If you have hot and cold spots in your home it can be aggravating trying to make sure all parts of your home are comfortable. However, if you turn your A/C fan to 'on' it can help to even out those inconsistent temperatures throughout the rooms in your home. More even temperatures means you feel comfortable moving from one room to the other. 


When you leave the HVAC system fan on then it could cost you more in your electricity bills. Most modern HVAC systems have motors that cost about the same as a 40-watt light bulb when you leave the fan in the 'on' setting. 'Auto' is the typical setting that the air conditioner is set to which is actually more energy-efficient because it only runs when it needs to. 

Better Dehumidificiation

Setting your ac fan to 'auto' can help to keep humidity down in your home. Your air conditioner is the best dehumidification tool for your home. The AC conditions the air meaning it pulls humidity and moisture out of the air in your home. If the fan is turned to 'on' then you may notice that the moisture is just staying in the air because it's being circulated and it could feel humid since the air isn't being conditioned. 

Cleaner Healthier Air

When you turn the A/C fan to the 'on' setting it can help to improve air quality. Air will continuously move throughout the filter system you have (standard or PAP furnace filter) getting cleaned as the furnace filter takes out dust and debris. Something else that will help indoor air quality would be if have installed a UV light, air will run by the UV light and be cleaned as well. These things can help you and your family breathe in cleaner, healthier air. 

Again, it is all up to you on what setting you would like your A/C fan set to because it depends on your comfort level and also the weather we are experiencing. If you feel like your air conditioner just isn't keeping up with the temperature your thermostat is set to it might be time to call in our team of HVAC professionals. Our team can take care of all your AC replacement, service and maintenance needs. We provide financing and free estimates!

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What is a good indoor humidity level?

The ideal indoor humidity levels in your home should be between 35% to 50%; this level is the air's comfortable moisture level. If the level is higher than 50%, the home could grow mold and bacteria, you may suffer from stuffy conditions, and you will feel overall discomfort. Alternatively, if the levels are lower than 35%, you could be at a greater rick of catching ill, experiencing dry and itchy skin, and damaginmg your house's wood, siding, or paint. 

How do I eliminate hot and cold spots in my home?

If rooms in your home feel too hot or too cold, your system may not be able to adequately keep you comfortable with the size and design of your home. This is the most common in 2-story homes, with the top level never truly feeling comfortable. While replacing your HVAC system with any system may help eliminate some inconsistent temperatures, you may want to consider 2-stage or variable speed equipment to make your home more comfortable. Our consultants can help provide you with those system options to make the best decision for your home.

What is SEER2?

SEER2 is a new rating nomenclature for air conditioners that is calculated by the efficiency standards set in place by the Department of Energy on January 1, 2023.

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