How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

This week we welcome the first day of fall! You may have already experienced the leaves changing colors, and soon to follow will be the cooler temperatures. Make sure your home is ready for the transition of seasons, both inside and out!

We all love decorating our front porches with wreaths, pumpkins, and other fall decor, but what else should we be doing to prepare for the autumn weather?

  1. Inspect Your Roof - Look for missing or loose shingles; repair them before the first glimpse of ice and snow.
  2. Clean The Gutters - Remove leaves by hand or with the assistance of a leaf blower or wet-dry vac.
  3. Seal Windows & Doors - An inexpensive, yet effective, task: caulk around windows and door frames to prevent heat from escaping your home.
  4. Install A Storm Door - Get your home the extra insulation and access to more natural light.

As we approach winter, you will be spending more time indoors; make sure your home is ready for the colder weather!

  1. Get A Furnace Tune-Up - Have your system checked by a Logan Services service technician in the fall to ensure it's safety and efficient operation.
  2. Check Your Insulation - Inspect the insulation in your attic; adding more can save you significantly on heating costs in the winter.
  3. Test Your Smoke Detectors - Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure you have detectors on every level of your home.
  4. Change Your Furnace Filter - Clean or change your furnace filter monthly for the simplest way to maximize furnace efficiency.

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