Hidden Dangers Of Your Old Furnace

With the temperatures falling into the low 50's this week, you should definitely take an extra moment to consider the state and safety of your furnace.

Logan Services was recently featured in a news story involving an unfortuante explosion of a Dayton home, which was likely the result of an old, faulty furnace.

According to the police report, the furnace's pilot light was recently lit for the winter season; shortly after, gas built up and an explosion took place in the house, resulting in the furnace catching on fire. The majority of the house was ruined as it shifted 2-3 feet off it's foundation.

Our Senior Service Technician, Chris, provided some key factors when operating a furnace and maintaining it during through it's lifespan. Through his expertise, we were able to warn viewers and educate them so another furnace disaster doesn’t occur this fall/winter.

The news story aired on ABC22 and on FOX45 in Dayton last tonight. Watch it now »


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