Control Temperature And Save Energy With Ductless

Warm in one room and cold in the other?

If you have suffered from hot and cold spots in your home, you probably wish your system could literally follow you around from room to room.

The Mitsubishi Move-Eye Navi has a sensor that can perceive temperature changes, and avoid inefficient usage such as shutting off when a room is empty. Advantages of this system include:

  • Will give advice such as: "The outside temperature is dropping. The air conditioner should be turned off."
  • Informs the user of unnoticed wastefulness by giving messages such as "Is a door or window open? You can save energy by closing it."
  • Equipped with a smart function that tells you how to get better air efficiency. Navigates enhanced comfort and higher energy savings. 

The Move Eye Navi, is a technology that is rewriting the pages of HVAC history.

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