Bugs! How Insects Can Affect Your HVAC System

Many of us are ready for the warmer weather to settle into the Ohio region. With that, our air conditioners will be turned on for the season. Is your cooling system ready to be put to work?

Getting your HVAC system serviced so that it is in excellent condition helps your A/C work at optimal performance when those high temperatures move in. You may not know this, but multiple things can occur to a cooling system during the off-season; one of those includes issues caused by insects

They may be small and seemingly harmless, but unfortunately, insects can get into your HVAC system and cause damage. Watch our Senior Service Technician, Craig, as he explains the damage insects can cause and what to do to help insect problems.

What Damage Can Insects Cause To Your HVAC?

When the furnace PVC flues aren't being used through the summer months, bugs can get into the inducer or the drain systems. If these bugs get into the drain system, they can get clogged and cause a slow flow, which will cause intermittent operation of your HVAC system. Insects can also damage your outdoor A/C unit by chewing on wires. 

What Kind Of Insects Could Be In Your HVAC?

Ants, wasps, and spiders, OH MY!! There are many creepy crawlers that can get into the inner workings of your comfort system. Ants can damage the outdoor air conditioning unit by becoming attracted to the wiring electricity and chew on the wires; this causes wiring shortages in the HVAC system. Wasps or hornets can entirely clog the furnace exhaust pipes by building their hives/nests inside and cause your furnace to not start at all. Finally, spiders and other small bugs can get into your HVAC system and cause additional damage.

How Can You Avoid HVAC Insect-Related Issues?

While it's impossible to prevent insect issues entirely, it's important to keep up with routine AC system maintenance in order to uncover any bug concerns BEFORE it causes damage to your HVAC system. Logan Services can help you eliminate insects in your HVAC system. First, our Service Technicians will check each part of your HVAC system to see what the problem may be. Then, what they get to your furnace's exhaust pipes and drain system, they will clean out the bugs. Insects can also get trapped in your ducts and even live in them, but our team can perform a duct cleaning to clean out the pests along with dirt, duct, and debris that has settled. 

Our team is ready to help you with your HVAC needs, including ac system replacement, repair, or maintenance. Call our friendly team to get AC service to your home in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati so you can always be comfortable.