Are Ducts The Problem? 5 Reasons To Go Ductless

Ducts are a simple addition to a home. They provide a route straight from your HVAC unit into the rooms of your home. Unfortunately your ducts could be the culprit behind reoccurring HVAC issues. Going ductless may be the best option to prevent air flow defects and further problems.

Here are a few problems you may experience with ducts that might mean you should consider ductless HVAC.

  1. Frequent duct leaks
  2. Poorly placed/installed ducts
  3. Low cooling capacity of AC duct systems
  4. Frequently blocked ducts
  5. Slow air flow


If you believe ducts are what’s causing your AC problems, call a Logan Services Mitsubishi specialist to talk about going ductless today. Our Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio locations are open for professional opinions and services concerning ductless HVAC.

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