Alleviate Allergies With A Clean Furnace Filter

spring and fall allergies

Summer might be coming to a close, but the season of high pollen and triggered allergies is still upon us. If you have been putting off changing or cleaning your furnace filter, procrastinate no more.

Filters are the easiest, most-effective maintenance task and a quick change. Checking your filters should be a top priority throughout the summer months and all year round as dust, pollen and other debris begin to build up and silently clog your systems. Dirty filters can cause your system to be less efficient, making your system work harder and causing higher energy bills.

Having pollen in your filters can also have huge effects on your indoor air quality, contributing to asthma, colds, and the onset of allergies to the residents of your home. Although pollen particles are minuscule, they can become a heavy burden this time of the year. Protect your home and your family by doing your part in regularly changing your furnace filter.

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