4 Reasons To Replace Your Furnace In 2016

We've certainly experienced some interesting weather in 2016. With a mild start to the year, a very hot and humid summer, and a very warm autumn, you probably haven't though much about your furnace. You may even be delaying the project because the need for home heating hasn't been very extreme or top-of-mind.

As the temperatures have recently taken a dip, here are four reasons to consider getting and estimate for a new furnace now...

  1. Manufacturer Rebates and Financing Available
    With Trane offering trade in allowances or financing, right now is a great time to save big on a new Trane system.
  2. Flexible Installation Schedule
    As the weather gets colder, our installation department gets busier. We know your time in valuable. Right now, we can work with your schedule to make sure you get the date/time that works best for you. Remember, most installations by Logan Services take just one day!
  3. Utility Rebates and Federal Tax Credits
    Time is running out to take advantage of local utility rebates up to $1,000 and the Federal Tax Credit up to $500.We have not yet been notified if these offers will be sticking around past December 31st. If you'd like to find out more details on how to qualify for these offers, it's time to schedule a FREE estimate from Logan Services.
  4. Repairs Could Be Costing You More Than Replacement
    The cost of excessive repairs could outweigh the process of investing in a new system. If you've had to repair your system multiple times, it's no longer worth the worry and the hassle - let alone the money you are putting into a system that has reached a retirement age or condition.

Need more encouragement before you make a decision? Visit our reviews page to read hundreds of testimonials from our customers who are so glad they've upgraded their heating and air conditioning systems with Logan Services.

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