AC System Repairs in Dayton, OH

From Minster to Miamisburg, and from Springboro to Springfield, our service team in Dayton, Ohio has been repairing air conditioners for nearly 50 years. Our work is proven and trusted decade after decade, and that's some cool news if you are suffering from an unexpected air conditioning emergency!

There are plenty of reasons why an air conditioner could be experiencing problems ranging from damaged/leaky coils, broken compressor, and not enough Freon/refrigerant in the system. The possibilities seem endless. 

ac repair services in Dayton, OHOur Dayton team of service technicians go through many hours of training each year to take on the smallest fixes to the toughest A/C repair jobs in the city. 

When Can You Help Fix My Air Conditioner?

Call us anytime. Our call center representatives are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns and dispatch the next available A/C service technician to your home. 

What Does An A/C Service Call Include?

air conditioner repair in Dayton, OHOur service technician will perform an air conditioner diagnostic test on your system to find out what is causing the current problems. This test is included in the cost of your air conditioner service call.  From there, your technician will offer solutions to fixing the problem. 

Repairs can usually be made the same day as your service call, however there are times when more extensive cooling system repairs need to be made and the it may take some time for special parts to be ordered and replaced on your air conditioner. 

What Types Of Air Conditioners Do You Service?

Most air conditioners (as well as heat pumps) operate on electricity.  Our service team is very knowledgeable about these systems and are required to be proficient on servicing all brands.  It doesn’t matter what brand of air conditioner you own – we will be able to help you get it fixed and operating again soon.

What Happens If The Air Conditioner Cannot Be Repaired?

repairing old air conditioner dayton ohOur general ac repair rule here at Logan A/C and Heat Services is that if you have more than three service calls to repair your air conditioner in just one cooling season – it’s time to repair your air conditioner. 

If a/c replacement is an option you’d like to pursue, our service technician will be able to help you select the right system for your home and your budget.  We offer both Rheem and Trane air conditioning systems to help keep you cool and comfy all season long. 

Where Do You Provide A/C Repair Services?

We proudly serve Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities:

  • Vandalia, OH
  • Huber Heights, OH
  • Kettering, OH
  • Miamisburg, OH
  • West Carrollton, OH
  • Centerville, OH
  • Springboro, OH
  • Trotwood, OH
  • Beavercreek, OH
  • Fairborn, OH
  • Springfield, OH
  • Englewood, OH
  • Tipp City, OH
  • Troy, OH
  • Piqua, OH


If air conditioner repair is on your list of home projects, call our friendly team at (937) 224-3200 or request an appointment online today!