24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair

Getting home from work on a blazing day only to realize that your home is almost as hot as the air outside is a terrible experience. It is about as bad as waking up on a January morning to see frosty air inside your unheated house. We at Logan A/C and Heat Services understand that emergencies can happen at the worst times. Our emergency repair gives you comfort in the knowledge that you can call us round-the-clock with an HVAC problem. We are ready to find the answer and get your home back to comfortable againcomfort.


Our 24/7 Repairs Get Your System Back on Track

Your HVAC system works like a clock, with various pieces all needed for ideal cooling and heating. When one part fails, you may not know what is wrong. You need an expert like us to come to the rescue. With our experience, we can quickly identify the cause and work to solve it. We know that you rely on your air conditioner, heat pump and furnace too much to live without it for more than a few hours.

Our expert HVAC repair team has the solution for all your heating and cooling concerns:

  • A/C: When your air conditioner is running almost nonstop during summer, it can take on too much stress and start to fail. Emergency A/C repair is the only answer.
  • Heat Pumps: Because a heat pump functions as an air conditioner in the summer and then continues to operate in heating mode on milder cold weathered days during the other seasons, it takes a lot of additional wear-and-tear all year-round. Don’t let a heat pump breakdown make you uncomfortable; call our fast, friendly team 24/7 for repair.
  • Thermostats: Even though your thermostat seems like a small piece of equipment compared to the rest of your system, if it stops working, your heating and cooling will quit, too. Our technicians can diagnose and resolve the issue quickly and get your system back up and running.
  • Furnace:A malfunctioning or broken-down furnace can be a very serious situation. To keep your home and family safe and comfortable, request our emergency heating repair to find the fastest, most-effective solution.

Financing Options for Emergency HVAC Repair

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we know that one of the biggest stressors families face with a breakdown of heating or cooling is the cost to repair it. Your HVAC system is an investment that might take hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. That is why we offer convenient financing options to repair or replace your system. Our financing is based on your needs and works with your budget.

For 50-plus years, Logan A/C and Heat Services has been helping Ohio homeowners beat the brutal summers and winters we get every year.

Our three locations serve these metropolitan areas:

Call us any time of day at 1-800-564-2611. We will get the relevant information about your problem and let you know how quickly we can send a technician right to your door.

You know that your HVAC system will not last forever, and that is why you need emergency repair services you can trust. When you have a big HVAC problem that is making you uncomfortable at home, contact Logan A/C and Heat Services today.