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This is the time of year where families all over, spend their hard earned money on gifts they will outgrow, pass along, or store away forever. Here at Logan Services we have chosen a list of great gifts that are not often thought of, yet are sure to show your family how much you care. Not only is gifting HVAC products an investment in their comfort of your family, it could be an investment in health and safer surroundings as well. Check out some of our available holiday gifting ideas for your immediate family, parents, grandparents and more:
Contrary to popular belief, we shouldn’t close our vents in unused rooms to ward of larger energy bills! Many times throughout the year people everywhere tend to close their vents to get the best from their heating and cooling systems or lessen energy costs. But this tactic to control temperature can be having an adverse effect on your comfort, HVAC systems and your energy bills. Here’s why you shouldn’t close your vents at any time of year! You’re restricting airflow! Closing your vents can cause for unbalanced airflow when heating or cooling your home. This tactic to...
Stopping by our comfort showroom in any of our locations should never be an intimidating experience. We love to provide our HVAC customers with the knowledge we have acquired and ensure a quality product, service and experience with Logan A/C and Heat Services. Showroom etiquette can be simple and easy rather than overwhelming when filled with a room full of heat pumps, air conditioners and systems. Here are a few important factors that will make your showroom experience easy and positive.
A majority of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Making all the right decisions about your home's heating, cooling and ventilation system can have a large impact on your bank account— and your comfort. Take the steps to improve the efficiency of your heating system this winter, and save more time and money for the holidays!
Looking for some great technology gifts this year? Treat your home and yourself to a new heating and cooling system paired with Nexia Home Intelligence! Get connected to your home no matter where you are this holiday season. Start your list with these top 5 tech gifts for your home:
With chillier days on the way, why would you want to replace your air conditioner now? We've got a few things you should consider when it comes to tackling the project of replacing your heating and cooling system. Combining old and new equipment will lead to less reliable system operation and a greater chance of the need for more repair. Both outside and indoor components have gotten much quieter in the past few years. With quieter equipment you can enjoy your home and your yard without intrusive sound.  Matching the compatibility of the air conditioner and furnace must also be...