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Many of us have heard odd noises coming from the basement, attic, crawlspace or utility closet. Sometimes they wake you up at night, and it’s hard to fall back to sleep. Chances are if your furnace is older, you have heard these noises before. Some sounds can be corrected with a quick fix, others are telltale signs that your HVAC system is heading towards a breakdown. Here are some noises to listen for, and what they could be telling you:
Nobody wants to admit it, but if a heat exchanger cracks, it’s time to replace the furnace. Cracks in a heat exchanger can be dangerous to your home and family, so getting to the bottom of the issue immediately should become a priority.  How Do Heat Exchangers Work? Heat exchangers are designed to provide safe operation of the furnace during its life expectancy of 12-15 years. However, there are many factors that can accelerate the wear and tear on a heat exchanger that they fail much sooner, sometimes in spectacular fashion. When a crack occurs, air begins to seep through and...
It won’t be long before witches, zombies, and ghosts will be roaming the streets in pursuit of their ‘trick or treat’ candy. While they are doing so, an actual terror may already be in your home, draining your energy supply. Unlike Halloween creatures, these cold weather terrors known as “energy vampires” are all too real, and they are running up your energy bills!   Simple Adjustments Can Save You Money The average American household owns 25+ electronic devices, all taking their turn contributing to monthly electric bills. While there is some necessary,...
As the cold weather approaches, we begin to think more and more about heating our homes.  Trying to lower that heating bill? Ever notice that you frequent one room more than another?  Did you know that you could heat the common areas with a few quick adjustments? 1. Re-arrange the furniture to encourage air flow.  A rectangular room with couches that cut it in half will restrict the airflow.  Turn your couches and large pieces of furniture so they are parallel with the shape of the room, and the air will proceed into the cooler areas of the room.  2. Keep doors...
Now that the fall season is officially upon us, we are starting to witness consistently cooler temperatures. As the thermometer continues to drop, the more time we all find ourselves spending indoors. That being said, it may be time to think about how clean the air in your home actually is. Here are 5 ways to improve your indoor air quality:
For those of us that experienced the snow last winter, it looks like this one is going to be very similar.  The 80% accurate Old Farmers Almanac is predicting another snowy blast this winter.   What to expect this upcoming winter: Above normal snowfall Below normal temperature An Arctic "Blast" Extreme weather conditions To prepare, we will fill our pantries, stock the freezers and ready the salt...but there is one more thing you may want to do: Have you checked your heating system lately? Get a jump start this winter by getting a tune-up or replacing your heating system...