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It’s common to listen to friends and family members for advice on any number of things, even when it comes to your HVAC system. While there are many tips about system care and maintenance out there that are helpful, some of the advice might actually be a common myth.   Here are five A/C myths we’d like to debunk!     MYTH #1 - I'll save money on my A/C usage if I run fans throughout my home. Unfortunately, fans don’t actually cool the air. You will feel the air, which will help you to be comfortable, but the temperature of your home won’t be effected...
It's time to announce the Super Dad Giveaway winner! Congratulations to...........Greg from Reynoldsburg! Greg's wife, Michelle, tells us why her husband deserves a big 'thank you' this Father's Day... "Greg is an amazing Dad because he is a selfless person. His motivation in life is a sincere desire to help others. Greg is a registered nurse and a foster dad, so he has many opportunities to help people who are suffering or dealing with hardships. He always goes above and beyond to offer assistance with compassion, and he knows the importance of incorporating laughter and positivity...
Did you know that your heating and cooling system can equate to over 50% of your utility usage throughout the year? Not only does it take a toll on your wallet, it can also be a safety hazard to your home and family if not kept in the proper condition.
With the heat wave coming over the weekend, you’ll want to be ready in the situation of a break-down. Before you call for service on your air conditioner, here are 6 things you can check! Start your troubleshooting with these 3 easy things… #1 - Circuit Breaker When your air conditioner is operating at full capacity on these hot days, it’s possible that it could trip your breaker. Go find the electrical box and check to make sure that the switch for the air conditioner is turned to ‘ON’.   #2 - Thermostat Batteries
Thank you to all of those who entered our Salute To Veterans Giveaway! We received so many amazing entries and stories, it was hard to choose one winner! Congratulations to……Jeff & Bronwyn from Fairborn, OH! Bronwyn proudly nominated her husband, Jeff, in our giveaway; she shares with us that he dedicated 28 years to serving our country in the Air Force, entering at the age of 17. Within his time in the Air Force, Jeff rose from an Airman to being promoted to a Chief Master Sergeant, holding 5 positions as a Command Chief that included being among the first into Iraq...
Going somewhere? This year, the odds are in your favor for a summer vacation! According to AAA, more than 66% of Americans plan to take a trip during the summer travel season, with many planning to travel more than once.  Before you go, there are NINE important things to know in order to keep your home safe and your peace of mind while you are away...     Keep your vacation plans OFF social media Telling your close friends and family members that you are going out of town is a good idea. However, sharing your plans publicly on social media before or during your trip is a big...